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Rubber anti-vibration mat NP-2008

(TUU 25.1-34019297-003:2011)

used by the installation of washing machines, ground type air conditioners, refrigerators and other vibrating machinery.

The main functions of anti-vibration carpets are:
Buildings protection against vibration caused by the rotating parts of household appliances and equipment. Mats ideally absorb noise and vibration to prevent the shift ("hopping")of the equipment;
Protection of machinery and equipment from the damaging effects of rotating parts vibration transmitted to the body;

Products do not emit toxic substances are safe for the environment. Easy to care, easy to wash and to clean from dust.

Mats are available in sizes 605455 mm.
Thickness: maximum 7 mm, 3 mm working surface.
Weight of mat NP-2008 is 1.3 kg.




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