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Reinforced technical rubber plates TMKSCH (A)

(TUU 25.1-34019297-003:2011)

The plates are a new modification of the plates made before for snow blades. These plates are the development of our plant.
Technical rubber plate TMKSCH (A) designed for snow removal equipment and machinery is reinforced with polyamide cord.
It is heat-cold-acid-alkali-resistant.
Unlike plates of conventional type reinforced technical plate is made from high quality row materials, which have 2-3 times longer life. TMKSCH plate (A) is not afraid of manholes, curbs, bridge connections.
The service temperature is up to -50C. The plate is stable to acid, alkali and salt, tear-proof and does not crumble.
Due to its hardness much better cleans snow from the driveway. Can be used for high-speed snow removal.

As is known, the main cause of roads damage during their cleaning is blade fitted on road building or snow cleaning equipment. Coming into contact with the asphalt, it damages the road surface, curbs and other elements of the roadway.
We can offer you such a versatile product, as TMKSCH plate (A). This plate is attached to the working part of the blade body and in this way prevents the destructive effect on the roadbed.

It is worth to note that the increased performance and durability of the plates allow them to be used not only for snow removal in winter, but also for cleaning the streets of dirt and other items that impede traffic in summer and in autumn. Depending on the operating conditions, the plate is made entirely of rubber as well as reinforced with polyamide thread, which increased its resistance to continuous loads.

The plates are available in the following sizes:
500 x 500 x 40 mm
500 x 240 x 40 mm
1000 x 240 x 40




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