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Profiled mat with mounting holes.
Type 050545, 050570, 050575.


This profiled mat is used for children's playgrounds, terraces and swimming pools.
It meets the requirements EN 1176 and EN 1177 for playground equipment and complies with the HIC standard for critical fall height (HIC).
Rubber mat conforms to the standard STN-EN ISO 10993-1 for harmless product criteria when in contact with human skin.

Type 050545(BT2,RT2,GT2): 500 500 45 mm. The weight of 1m2 is 27.2 kg.
Type 050570(BT,RT,GT): 500 500 70 mm. The weight of 1m2 is 33.8 kg.
Type 050575(BT,RT,GT): 500 500 75 mm. The weight of 1m2 is 37,5 kg.

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