Technical rubber plates TMKSCH, MBS

(TUU 25.1-34019297-003:2011)

These technical rubber plates are used for manufacturing of rubber technical goods, serving for sealing of fixed joints to prevent friction between metal surfaces, for absorbing single shocks and as gaskets and coverings. Sealing materials are used in all branches of industry: chemical and petrochemical industry, machine building, metallurgy and metalworking, electrical and power in order to seal the fixed flange or socket joints.

Types of manufactured plates:
• Type “TMKSCH” – heat-cold-acid-alkali-resistant
• Type “MBS” – oil and petrol resistant

Degree of hardness:
• M – soft
• C – medium
• T – Increased

Standards for visual quality control of technical plates. On the plate surface are allowed traces of powder material, relief and villus tissue prints, different tones, haze plaque, fading ingredients and products of their mutual interaction, irregularities on the plate surface due to reclaim particles, protruding edge on the surface of mold joint (for molded rubber plates) and cut-outs on the edges of the plates which do not go beyond the limit of deviation from the nominal rubber plates width.